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-What is Amateurradio
- Radios etc
- Echolink / IRLP
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- What is Wlan
- Wlan parts
- Wlan antennas
- Practical use
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@ Pocket Pc
-What you already know
-What you do not know
-What can I use it for
-Map plotting pocket pc
- Other
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- Buying a GPS ? (soon)
@ Datatips
- A safe PC ?
@ Boatlife
-Summertime is boatlife
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 Norwegian radioamateur LA2TT


   These pages are mainly dedicated to :
     Amateurradio, Wlan, and boatlife 

I hope you can find some interesting things and links on my pages.

Some topics you can find:
Can I put up a simple wlan myself ?
Why buy a wlan antenna, when you can build one ?
What is Echolink and IRLP (amateurradio) ?
How can I secure my computer ?
Summertime is boatlife

It is not my intention to make conclusions on my site, just to inform.
There are always someone with better understanding and experience
than me. I am only focusing on my own experience.

If you should follow some  suggestions, don't blame me afterwards.
Everything you do is your own responsibility

If you have suggestions how to make these pages better, or topics 
you want these pages to contain, please send a mail.


Last updated: 31.08.2010