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  - Cute isn`t it
1 coffeebox
1 N-female connector
1 Plasticcover 
(from blueberryjam)
1 connection cable
1 pcs copper wire
  (31mm 2-3 mm)
Plasticcover must 
be tested in a
to see if that it is
not getting hot
 Of course !
You can use anything
else. On the linkpage
you will see some
construction even
with a "Pringle" tube.

Wlan outdoor antennas


   Wlan Antennas. Why buy ?

Normally for indoor use, you don`t need to have an extra
antenna. But if should extend the range of your system, or
connect to a  wireless for real, you may need one.
Some places you may connect to an ISP without having
a cable. The equipment described for internal use without
antenna connection, can not be used. You are then better of
with a PCI card with connector. Antennas can be bought in
several shapes and sizes. Don`t let the shapes fool you.
What is important is the gain of the antenne.

Personally I have tried just one homemade antenna,
and it worked right away. Click at the image to the left
and have a closer look. I have compared it with an 4dB,
factory made antenna, andthe result is much better signal.
I found the link on internet and started to build.

Here is the link: Cantenna

On the linkpage you will find a lot of constructions

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Last updated: 05.12.2003