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The world becomes small with these systems


   Echolink / IRLP

Strange words? Yes but the explanation is simple.
A lot of servers pick up your voice and "echo" it to the
next server. It is a kind of  "voice over ip" or like an internet telephone
for hamradio. You must be a licensed amateur to use this.
A local program on your computer, calls up a server, who
validates your call sign. Then you have access to all amateurs
in the world who is running Echolink. With a microphone and
a headset you can just click on the station you want to contact
and choose connect. A lot of places are linked to a repeater
and people without an internet connection can use it as well.
Even a single amateur can put up a simplex repeater.
It is not intended to be instead of HF (shortwave) but as a
supplement. Amateurs living in an apartment, without the
possibility to put up HF antennas, are happy for this solution.
If you want to learn more look at the Echolink page or use the
menu at the left side.

Another strange word ? It stands for:
"Internet radio linking project ", and it's almost the same as
Echolink. The difference is that IRLP cannot be connected to
your local computer. You must access it through a
Both system use "DTMF tones" (likes the tones on a telephone
to open a link, and to close it.

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Last updated: 09.12.2003