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 What is amateurradio ? (for beginners)
Amateurradio or hamradio is almost as old as the radio
itself. The radio is over 100 year old. (1895)
and Marconi claimed  to be the first.
The first use was "morsecode" made  by Samuel Morse.
Morsecode was invented long before that (1844 ?)
Later on the radio signal was modulated and a human voice
was possible to hear.

Today amateurs (ham) uses all sort of modulation and
frequencies to send out their signals.
Still today the morsecode are being used, because it is
easier to filter out the signal from noise.
A licensed amateur can today transmit on everything from
100 kHz to higher than 10 gHz.
(may vary from country to country)

Data communication is also a form used by amateurs.
Echolink and IRLP is described on these pages.
Also an automatic positioning system (APRS) is being used.

Even satellites, specially made for amateurs is circulating
the earth.
Normally every country has their own organization for radioamateurs.
If you want to join us, you must pass a technical test
(some still have morsecode)

Norway: http://www.nrrl.no/
USA:      http://www.arrl.org/
Useful countrylist: http://www.iaru.org/iaru-soc.html



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