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 Partition magic can
 split your harddisk
 without formatting.
@ Tools to use
  Drive Image
  Making images of
  your harddrive.
@ Tools to use tips
  How to find your
  outlook file. Start
  search for files or
  folders. Search for
   *.pst and find the
 one with newest date
@ Tools to use tips
 When image is    
 copy the pst file back
 where you found it.
@ Norton Ghost
  Norton has also a
  program that can
  make an image out
  of your harddisk.

A safe pc ? Are you kidding me ?


   A safe Pc ?

Yes and no. Like everything else, it depends on the user.
I am working with pc`s and users all day long.
Most of our users has access to administrator rights on their
pc, because they sell products that need control programs
to work together with instruments.
Like everybody else we are vulnerable for all kinds of
threats. The biggest threats is the user himself.
Backup, backup, backup. Yes it is important, but it does not
solve every problems. If your system files are corrupt,
virus, incompatible programs, etc. You can use hours and
days to troubleshoot systems, without finding out what is
wrong. (worst cases)
Then what is the solution ? The answer is tools and learn
how to use them in advance. At my work and private as well,
we are using PowerQuest DriveImage.
The first thing we do is to partition the harddisk in two
parts. (the newest release 2003 can do this itself).
PQ DriveImage is scheduled as a task once a week.
(normally at lunch time)
At the scheduled time it pops up and wants you to make an
image of your systemdisk. If you close other programs and
answer yes, the system restarts and starts imaging.
When you are back from lunch, the system has restarted
and ready to logon to.
Here is how it works:
PQ driveimage reads your systemdisk track by track and write
into a compressed file on your D disk (or the other partition)
You can choose up to 50% compression and split image into
700 mb files that you can burn on Cd`s in case of disk crash.
So what`s the point ?
If you follow up with "fresh" images (daily/weekly) you
will have the possibility to restore your system without
any problems. The image must be of a good kind without
If case of a  fault in your system, but still can start it without to
many problems, you start up DriveImage and ask it to restore
the image from the other partition (disk). If you are smart,
you would copy your outlook file (normally outlook.pst)
and your newest documents to the other disk first.
If your system won`t start at all, you can start up with two
diskettes you made by install. Call up the image from the
other disk, and restore it.
Why is this better than backup ? Backup are sometimes not
able to restore all settings and ini files. If you have a virus
as well, who is hiding somewhere, you will not get rid of it.
Restoring a clean image will.
As an extra bonus PowerQuest has added a small program
called "Image explorer". With this you can open a image,
pick up a file and restore it. 
This program is a cheap investment and I can strongly
recommend it. The price is somewhere around 40-60$
Try it !!

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Last updated: 04.12.2003