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Plan ? Ok, as long as
 you self understand
 your drawing.....





Wlan (wireless network )  
at your home ? Can I install it ?

What is wlan? Unmystified we can say it is small receivers and transmitters, that are capable to send and receive data. The frequency is approx 2,4 Ghz.
This year (2003) the sale of wlan has exploded
in my country.
The prices has dropped and sometimes it is a better solution if
you are
planning two or more pc`s in your home.
If you have a laptop pc as well, you will get
the freedom to move around the house or garden. (if you plan well).
Wlan equipment has been that cheap, that you can afford it.
Most people in my country
are installing ADSL, and will use
 more than one pc. Sometimes it can be painful to
connect two or more pc`s
without proper knowledge
The solution can be a router.
In my opinion, it is easier to buy a combined router and wireless ac
Yoy will be surprised how easy it is, if you follow the manual.
Routers today has built in DHCP (gives you automatically an internal ip adress),
it has a firewall, and wlan built (if you buy with wlan).
In theory you may connect
254 pc`s to your network.
But remember, there are also some negative points to be aware of with wlan.
First of all security. Remember to set up security on your wlan.
If you leave it open,
people can connect to you on the inside
of your firewall.
Secondly wlan has limited
range, and may not reach from one
end of the house to the other.
Don`t listen to
suppliers that says that you may reach up to 100 meters ore so. It is optimal reach without taking considerations to local conditions.
Unless you are not able to read a manual or complete helpless,
the answer is yes, you can install it.


Planning a wlan.
First of all, you may have a signal from an ISP.
(normally delievered by wire)
Secondly, plan where you should place the wireless
acesspoint. The first mistake
people do, is to put up the
acesspoint near the place where the cable enter the house,
or hidden in a closet, so it does not destroy the view of your interior. Don`t do this.
There must be at least a 100 ways to
hide a small box. Behinds curtains is a good
If you will install ADSL, you will get a special modem.
If you have broadband
or similar, you will normally get
a contact on the wall. If you are going for wireless,it is a
good idea to borrow or buy a long network cable for test.
Connect this cable
 to your modem an wonder around
with the acesspoint. Most wlan cards has built-in
a signal
monitor. You can then put your pc or laptop on the places
you plan to use it.
This can be done without setting up the router.
Just connect it and try.

Here is a picture of  Dlink`s control program:
When finished testing, get the cables right, and
start personalize your acesspoint.
Take a look at the wlan parts page

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Last updated: 02.02.2004